A Quick Guide to Corporate Gifting

A Quick Guide to Corporate Gifting

It's a given that most people love receiving gifts. A gift represents thoughtfulness and a desire to show appreciation. Corporate gifting in particular does a lot to sustain and raise morale in your workforce.

The primary goal of gift-giving in a work setting is to reward behaviours and leave a good impression on an individual. When given to potential clients, it serves as a reminder and an incentive. Employee boxes help with retention and make an employer appear generous.

Here's your guide to business gifting and some gift ideas to get you started.

Employee Welcome Box

Employee gifting is useful when welcoming new hires. Someone entering your office for the first time may feel detached and isolated from the rest of your employees. One way to make them feel accepted is with a welcome box.

A welcome box serves to incentivise an employee to give their best early on as well as provide positive reminders of your business. For example, everyone loves getting new towels, and you can emblazon your brand name or logo on them for extra mileage.

You could also opt for a box of snacks, which your employee can eat on the job. Skincare products are another great option that is sure to get a lot of use from your workers.

Employee Appreciation Box

An employee appreciation box is given at various points throughout the year, such as on holidays or birthdays. The main goal of this type of company gifting is to show that you value each and every individual employee at your workplace.

By providing a gift, you demonstrate your appreciation and recognise your team's efforts.

Some of the items you may want to include in your box are props, awards, gift cards, and products picked out specifically for each individual. It may help to create categories of gifts in advance based on the activities your employees enjoy.

Employee Anniversary Box

Nothing says employee appreciation like an anniversary gift box. According to HR Magazine, 52 per cent of employees want more recognition. Getting the proper recognition is key to employee retention and helping them feel like part of the corporate family.

It's especially important when dealing with Millenials and Gen Z workers. Almost half of all younger workers have said they would quit their jobs within 2 years, according to Forbes.

The best anniversary gift boxes should have some level of personalization. You may also want to spend more on boxes depending on how long the employee has worked in your office.

Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Corporate gifting allows you to strengthen your bond with your employees. At best, it shows that you took the time to pack a box just for them. At worst, it's free stuff, and everyone likes getting things for free.

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