How to encourage your best employees to stick around

How to encourage your best employees to stick around

Did you know that the average turnover rate in Ireland is roughly 15% per year?

You don’t need to have been in business for long to know that high turnover can be very costly for companies. Hiring new staff is expensive, so it’s best to keep existing employees around whenever possible.

What’s a good way to encourage your best employees to stick around?

One way is to show your appreciation with employee gifting. In this quick guide, we’ll go over three fantastic ways to say “thank you” to your employees with gift-giving.

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1. Employee Welcome Box

Making a good first impression matters, whether you’re a new employee or a new employer. Welcoming new staff members with thoughtful gifts is one of the best ways to start a new relationship off right.

And when it comes to thoughtful gifts, you can’t go wrong with a custom Paddy Box.

The Paddy Box is a convenient way for anyone to send friends, loved ones, or business associates a little taste of Ireland. With authentic Irish gifts, treats, and custom notes packed neatly into a charming box, it’s sure to make anyone’s day.

For new employees, gifting a Paddy Box is a sure way to leave an instant and long-lasting impression.

It’s a simple yet exquisite way to show that you care.

2. Employee Appreciation Box

Business gifting isn’t limited to welcoming new team members, of course. One of the best ways to keep long-time employees engaged is to give random gifts when they’re least expected.

An employee appreciation Paddy Box provides a great way to shake up a familiar work environment with unique yet delightful goodies. And with custom boxes, you get to decide exactly what’s included to show that you care.

3. Employee Anniversary Box

No list of employee gift ideas would be complete without mentioning anniversary gifts!

An employee anniversary box is gifted on the anniversary of the day that the new employee joined your team. It not only shows that you appreciate your employee, but also that their time and dedication to the company hasn’t gone unnoticed.
It’s similar to the signature Birthday Paddy Box, which comes with special birthday-themed candy and gifts. But as an employer, you can go beyond with bespoke gift boxes that include your company’s branding.

Create Your Own Gift Boxes for Employee Gifting Today

And there you have it: three fantastic ideas for employee gifting to show your staff that they matter. Whether you’re welcoming a new recruit or recognising a long-time member of your team, it’s one of the best ways to stand out as an employer.

If you want to boost morale and keep your employees engaged, you can’t go wrong with custom gift boxes.

Find out how we can help you show your appreciation with some of the best gifts in custom and fully bespoke boxes.